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Sears “Elmhurst” in Alexandria, VA

The “Elmhurst” was one of Sears Roebuck’s more unusual kit house models. For one thing, the Elmhurst’s asymmetrical and rather intricate floorplan and Tudor styling don’t give away its mail-order kit origins too easily. It’s also richer in detail than many other Sears homes of that size. And for the DC area, it has the amazing advantage that it truly fit in with the brick- and Tudor-loving taste of the 1930s here. You can see the historic ad copy below.

There are 3 known Elmhursts in the metro area: one in DC’s Forest Hills, one in Silver Spring, MD, and one in Alexandria, VA. The latter – a beautifully kept and renovated specimen – is on the market for $1,195,000 right now, and will have an open house from 2-4 pm this coming Sunday. It’s been on the market through the holidays, and we’re surprised it hasn’t sold yet. We thought it was really worth seeing–check out the photos!–, and was definitely adapted beautifully to a 21st-century lifestyle. Let us know if you need to get in on another day.

Page from the 1929 Sears and Roebuck catalog courtesy of Antique Home.


The fireplace in the the Sears “Elmhurst” in Alexandria today, after being enclosed in a new mantel …
… and as seen in the 1929 Sears catalog

The 4-digit stamp on a piece of lumber under the basement stairs proves the Elmhurst to be authentic and not a copy. The coded numbers helped put the giant kit together.

For extra fun, have a look at the Silver Spring and DC “Elmhursts” for comparison:

Authenticated Sears Elmhurst In Silver Spring, MD
Authenticated “Elmhurst” in DC


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