Winter Buyer? = Smart Move

There are a number of reasons why focusing your search in the winter months can be an excellent strategy.

1. You can save some $$. Sellers are more forgiving in the winter months. Yup, deals can be had mostly because sellers are exhausted from lingering on the market and are finally willing to bend some on their pricing. Per Zillow, those who buy a home during the peak selling months usually pay a premium of $1,500, but those who purchase homes in the off months paid $3,100 less than average.

2. Less competition. If you are moving within the same school district, or, if schools aren’t an issue, buying in the winter can do away with some of the competition. A lot of buyers time their search to the school calendar which is why the Spring market is always so busy.  Eliminate that criteria and you’ll have opportunities in every season. Lots of folks get distracted from their house hunting during the holidays, so November-January can be great months for serious buyers.

3. You are the star! Most real estate agents, mortgage brokers and settlement attorneys slow down during the holidays, meaning you will be the focus of all their attention. It’s your chance to be the only child. Embrace it!

4. Less to choose from. You would think that this is a bad thing, but some buyers are overwhelmed by all the offerings. If this is your M.O., then the winter market is for you!

If you’re in the market for a (winter) home, give us a call… we can help!