The Town of Chevy Chase, MD

The “Town” of Chevy Chase is roughly bordered by Connecticut Avenue, the East West Highway, Wisconsin Avenue, and Bradley Lane.  Incorporated in 1918, the Town of Chevy Chase is home to about 1,000 households and approximately 2,824 residents.  Geographically, it is close to downtown Bethesda and the Red Line, making it one of the more walkable neighborhoods.

Green and leafy, the Town offers a range of housing starting in the $800’s on up.  Twice a year they have Trash and Treasure weekends, where residents can unload unwanted items from the house and garage… great fun for the marauding crowds!

Schools:  Rosemary Hills Primary School, Chevy Chase Elementary School, Westland Middle School, Bethesda Chevy Chase High School.

The slide show below highlights a variety of Chevy Chase architectural styles:

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