Working With Buyers

Stately and Proud, perched against the park: a Colonial Village homeWhether you have found us through one of our blogs, your fascination (and perhaps longing for) kit-houses, through the neighborhood or by referral from friends, you might wonder if we are the right agents to help you with a purchase. We’re happy to help you find out!

In a first consultation, you will typically meet with one (or, if possible, both) of us to discuss your initial goals and expectations, time frame, financial concerns and any other questions you might have. We will then provide you with appropriate information, materials or referrals and map out the next steps.

Since those steps differ tremendously from one set of buyers to the next, we will make sure our service fits your particular situation. That’s what we do best: Catarina and Marcie both have successfully worked with a great range of clients, from first-time home buyers to “downsizing” seniors or corporate trustees, from DC natives to international clients.

We been working with buyers for 30+ years combined. We pride ourselves in:

  • knowing our local markets inside and out
  • keeping on top of financing options, loan programs, and developing relationships with capable lenders
  • educating ourselves on the changes in real estate policies, practices and paperwork (and there’s a lot of it!)
  • fine-tuning our list of preferred home inspectors, lenders, roof experts and others, to help you in your decision-making process
  • our cordial and friendly relationships with other area agents
  • excellent record keeping and unparalleled personal service
  • our repeat customers and referral clients!

While you might begin your search with one of us, our team approach is what serves us (and you!) best.  We subscribe to the “two heads are better than one” theory, and are constantly reviewing all of our client’s needs in fine detail.

If you’d like to consider meeting with us, just fill out as much (or as little) as you like in the form below. It will help us prepare for our first meeting. (And please don’t worry: Your email address will not be added to some bulk mailer list or used for any other purpose. We hate spam as much as you do!)

We look forward to meeting you!


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