The Kit Houses of Takoma Park

Takoma Park is unusually rich in historic catalog houses, with over 60 homes that were authenticated by mortgage records alone and at least another couple of dozen that were identified as very likely candidates. Fellow kit-house researcher Andrew Mutch from Michigan has analyzed historic mortgage records from both Montgomery and Prince George’s counties (boundaries have changed and parts of TP were once situated in PG county) and identified over 30 different models, the most popular being the Conway. Our on-the-ground-expert, Cati Bannier, has photographed and toured a number of these models. Keep in mind, the 60 authenticated models all had Sear’s mortgages, so this tally doesn’t include cash purchases or those with alternate means of funding. Nor do these totals include the myriad other kit house manufacturers, including Lewis Manufacturing, Aladdin and potentially Montgomery Ward (though none have been identified to date).

Be sure to come by the Takoma Park House & Garden Tour this Sunday, May 1 from 1-5pm.