1912 Brentwood Beauty Beckons

Such a cool shower!
Such a cool shower!

Cati is jealous. She’s been scoping out the only known Aladdin “Brentwood” in the District for about 4+ years now, and THE WEEKEND that it hits the market, yup, she’s out of town.  Poor thing.  Her trusty sidekick had to step in and take a peek.

And what a peek. This particular Brentwood was built in 1912* (according to the public records, that is). It’s one of the earliest kit homes here, and it hasn’t changed hands since 1923. Time capsule doesn’t begin to describe it.  Click on the link-  you’ll find pages from an Aladdin Brentwood- 1917– catalog – I don’t have access to the 1912 one just yet.  It’s pretty near perfect.  Certainly some modifications have been made over the last hundred years- though some of the alterations might be original? If you would like to learn more about kit houses (aka catalog houses), click here.

The pictures really do the talking.  If you get a chance to take a look, it’s open this Sunday, September 28 from 1-3 pm.  It’s listed with Long and Foster, though we would be happy to take you in for a look. Of course!

*April 2018 Correction: The home actually was built a few years later than the tax record claims. The now accessible historic building permit was issued on June 2, 1915. We have have to assume that the home was constructed either later that year or in 1916. – Cati

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