Streetcars Are Coming to DC!

streetcar tracks

streetcar tracksAnd they’re expected to bring $8-BILLION worth of development along with them. Not too shabby! Streetcars used to grace the streets of DC but they disappeared in 1962 in favor of buses.

The District is investing heavily on its new streetcar line in the hope of generating development and tax revenue. The Portland streetcar system is often cited, where ridership has increased over its 12-year history, and where development has boomed.

Eventually there will be 37-miles of track along eight different lines, serving all eight wards. The first line to open will operate along the H Street/Benning corridor and is expected to begin service sometime in 2014.

The streetcars will run almost exclusively within DC boundaries.  In theory, they are to offer transport in areas that aren’t necessarily covered by metro, including the underserved K-Street corridor running to Georgetown. To learn more check out