Rock Creek Forest Homes for Sale

Happy December! Can you believe this weather?! As of December 21, we’ve got one active listing. The market should slow further down over the next 2+ weeks as many sellers take a time-out for the holidays. We can expect it to pick up again soon after the new year, weather allowing. All in all, while the market has been making steady gains, it’s considered slow given the uptick in the stock market and strong job growth. I’m guessing some buyers were holding off given the uncertainty with the tax plan (which is now resolved, but the fallout remains uncertain). Even more buyers, however, are frustrated with the current lack of properties to choose from. So if you are a potential seller considering a holiday launch, this might be a great opportunity!

To see a roster of RCF homes currently for sale  and those recently sold in 2017, and to find out why we’re so fond of Rock Creek Forest, scroll down in the box below:




RCF Sales ince September Closing Date Original List Price Sold Price Subsidy
8437 Freyman Drive 9/5/17 $659,000 $600,000  $2,350
8412 Ferrell Drive 9/7/17 $725,000 $725,000
2714 East West Hwy 9/27/17 $599,000 $595,000
2709 Colston Drive 10/27/17 $827,500 $805,000
2706 Blaine Drive 10/31/17 $995,000 $1,020,000
8417 Donnybrook Drive 11/14/17 $710,000 $699,900
2309 Ashboro Drive
11/30/17 $695,000 $695,000


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