Announcing The Rock Creek Forest Sales Tracker

RCF house sold in 2012It’s summer — August to be more specific — and the market is slow. Not so much slow in terms of finding buyers for your home, but very much so when it comes to overall sales activity. Once more, we have to bemoan the ridiculously low inventory. In Rock Creek Forest, only one house is on the market right now (and has been for a mere two days). For an updated list of home(s) for sale in the neighborhood, click here.

If, however, you’re more interested in the overall state of the market around you, and you’d like to see what actually sold recently, and what the final price was, we can help. On a new page on this site, available here or from the “Neighborhoods” menu, we will track sold homes in RCF as they close, and we will continue to analyze trends in the neighborhood. Stay tuned!