Upper Northwest

Tenleytown LibraryCleveland Park/AU Park/Tenleytown/Chevy Chase, DC

I think we got a bit ambitious with this category.  Honestly, the Upper Northwest region of DC is huge and varied.

Cleveland Park got its name because President Grover Cleveland used to spend summers there… it was considerably cooler than the city.  Ha!  It’s an absolutely gorgeous, old part of town, home to a plethora of historic and stately properties.  And they don’t come cheap.

AU Park is home to American University and a multitude of brick colonials.

Tenleytown boasts a new library, and has a nice little commercial strip with a Container Store, Best Buy and Whole Foods, to name a few. Wilson High School sits across from Reno Park, the highest peak in the District.

Chevy Chase, DC is sprawling and quite attractive.  Kids go to Lafayette Elementary School. Grown ups grab a latte at Starbucks or catch a movie at the renovated Avalon Theater.

Single family homes can be had starting in the $700,000’s on up to the $multi-millions.

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