Takoma Park

517 Albany Avenue, Takoma Park MD
Image courtesy of the Historic Takoma Inc Archives.

Founded in 1883 by Benjamin Franklin Gilbert, Takoma Park was one of the first Victorian commuter suburbs, resting alongside the B&O railroad line in Takoma, DC. In 1888 there were 75 homes in the community.  By the next year, that number had reached 235.  The deeds of each house prohibited alcohol from being made or sold on the property.  Prohibition remained in place in the city until 1983.

The original parcel of land rested in both Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and the District of Columbia.  In 1995, the Prince George parcel was annexed to Montgomery County.  The current Maryland population stands around 17,000 residents.

Due to its proximity to a rail line, it is also home to a large number of kit houses (among them, many Sears catalog homes), which are near and dear to our hearts.  Historic Takoma, Inc. has a lot of neat information about the town, and sponsors a Garden Tour each year.

Today, Takoma Park is known for it’s political activism.  It also has a reputation for being down-to-earth, and a little crunchy granola-ee.  When I (Marcie) was moving here from San Francisco, everyone told me to live in TP.   Need I say more!?

It’s a beautiful, leafy, green part of the world.  Most of the single family, detached homes can be had between $400,000 – $800,000, though there are always some outliers.




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