Shepherd Park and Colonial Village


Diversity of housing stock in Shepherd Park DCThe two Northwest DC neighborhoods at the upper “Tip of the Town” are closely connected and share a citizens organization and listserves as well as many common interests and resources. They are divided by 16th Street, which in this location is also referred to as the DC’s “Northgate” into Maryland. Development once was spurned by the construction of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center after WW I. Many of Shepherd Park’s original residents in fact were officers and military doctors.

The real estate here is diverse; while the majority of homes dates back to the 1920s and ’30s, the oldest house (the “Shepherd Mansion” on 12th St NW) goes back to the mid-1800s, and there are a sizable number of mid-century homes tucked away in the northern part of the neighborhood. Styles range from magnificent, larger Sears kit houses to the inevitable brick or stucco colonial (some of them, in the original “Colonial Village,” detailed replicas of colonial American architecture) to bungalows Tudors, ramblers, split levels and contemporary houses. Our slideshow below will give you an idea.

Prices tend to be higher on the Colonial Village (or west) side of 16th Street. In 2011, the average Shepherd Park house sold for $570,620 (25 closed sales), while the average Colonial Village home changed owners for $706,915 (13 closed sales) . You can find a list of all homes currently available for sale in Shepherd Park and Colonial Village DC here.

Watch Shepherd Park Homes on PBS. See more from WETA Neighborhoods.



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