We Made A Move

This time, it was our turn; we’ve moved! Not to a new house, however — that part we’ve reserved for our clients. Marcie and I joined Compass, an exciting, technology-driven firm that brings the best of all real estate worlds together.

Amazing support for us agents ultimately means we can create a great experience for our clients: better communication with our buyers, stunning marketing campaigns for our sellers’ properties, reliable transaction management. We’re looking forward to serving you!

Please stop by anytime (well, almost any time) to chat about your real estate goals and dreams. We’re looking forward to serving you!

Sukkot in DC — Celebrating Shelter And Comfort

Private Sukkah in Rosemary Hills, Silver Spring MD

In a way, it’s a celebration of the home. This week, Jewish families all over the world celebrate Sukkot, the “Feast of Booths.” The observance requires life — meals, gatherings and perhaps even sleep — in a fragile and temporary structure that is neither heated nor rainproof. It’s a joyous and at the same time humbling experience. Even if you’re not Jewish, you might have seen the big tent-like structures set up in many places downtown that office workers take their lunches to, or you might have noticed the little hut your neighbor built on their balcony or in their backyard. Sukkot is a way to connect not only to our suffering biblical ancestors but to those today who are without proper homes and shelter, who are refugees or otherwise lacking the basic comfort we take for granted.

We have asked friends and clients to share cell phone pictures of Sukkot (booths) this week, either their own or of any they might spot somewhere this week.  You can find the beautiful collection in the slideshow below, and we will keep adding to it. So, if you happen to have a Sukkah or see one, make sure to email or text us a picture!

[Update 10/7: Thanks to all of you who contributed! One picture was even sent in from Denver, Colorado!]

Mysterious Lights Of The North

push buttons on old light switch in washington DC

push buttons on old light switch in washington DCToday’s Photo Of The Week is a bit of a mystery, and we’re looking for help. Can you explain what this switch was designed to operate? Just the ceiling light (which would be, kind of, north of the person operating the switch)? Or does “N” stand for “no,” i.e., “off?” But if so, what’s with the NE?

Or was it part of the “heating plant?” Or perhaps it connected phone calls to different parts of the house? Or was it connected to a buzzer that summoned the maid?

We found the plate in the upper hall of a 1920s colonial in North Cleveland Park, and it appears to be original to the house that was built from plans by the DC-based Standard Homes Company. The writing that circles the “N” on the buttons on the left spells, “HART & HEGEMAN MFG CO.”

Any ideas?

Moments Like This

Dupont Circle Home Owner on Settlement DayNow, what’s so special about this picture?

It’s Closing Day! See the little key in her hand? And the big smile?

It’s a perfect, if hot, day here in Washington DC, and a favorite buyer is about to conquer her favorite new place, at her favorite Dupont Circle location. What a wonderful moment.

And this is exactly why we’re doing this. Sometimes — in the more stressful moments — it helps to remember this.

Thanks, Rosie, thanks, Billy, thanks, John, thanks Tom, and thanks to everybody else who helped this transaction to sail on as smoothly as it possibly could. You’ve all been delightful!

And since it’s not always like this (anybody who buys, rents or sells real estate knows what I’m talking about), it was one of those special moments indeed.