Rent in Fabulous Garret Park Estates

Available for rent, $2,300/month

5023 Druid Drive
Kensington, MD 20895


5023 Druid Drive

Walk to Grosvenor Metro, Metra, White Flint Mall, and more! Wonderful cape cod on a sunny block. New carpet, refinished floors, and fresh paint throughout. Large, eat-in kitchen with two pantries. Master bedroom on 2nd level with separate full bath and abundant storage space. Finished basement with half bath and access to back yard. Bright living room with picture window overlooking the neighborhood. Off-street parking. Level lot. Move-in ready. Sorry, no pets.

KitchenKitchenLiving RoomLiving Room






Schools: Garrett Park, Tilden, Walter Johnson

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Cash is King

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A recent news report revealed that 30% of all purchases in DC last November (2015) were all cash. Wow.

Another report (New York Times) alludes to the fact that the US Treasury will now start tracking “secret” and all-cash purchases of luxury real estate in Manhattan and Miami. Apparently a lot of cash is being bandied about in these markets, and not always legally.

These are two entirely different issues, but clearly, cash is on a lot of people’s minds!

Cash has long been king.  A lot of builders in the area use it to purchase tear-down properties, competing with younger buyers who can only finance a purchase. It’s transformed a number of neighborhoods, both in appearance and demographics.

If you’ve got it, use it. It certainly gives one the edge when things get competitive. You can always take a loan out later if you like. In this under-supplied marketplace, you need to use all of your advantages as a buyer. Cash is one of them.

The Evers & Co. November 2015 Real Estate Report

To say it up front, in many parts of town the news is better for sellers than buyers. Here’s our company’s round up of the (month-over-year) November numbers:

“There is very good news in the November statistics for the close-in Metro area, with a 20% increase in dollar volume of sales, a 7% increase in average price and a 6% reduction on days on the market. We haven’t seen numbers up this high over last year in many months, and it bodes well for the coming spring market.

Once again, the leader in the three jurisdictions we track was the District of Columbia with a 26.5% increase in dollar volume of sales, a 9.8% gain in average price and an 18% reduction in days on the market. With its shortage of inventory and continuing high demand levels, the District continues to have the most successful real estate market in our area.

       *Statistics are taken from the Metropolitan Regional Information System for three areas: Washington, D.C.; Montgomery County, Maryland; and Fairfax County, Arlington and  Alexandria in Northern Virginia.”

Wait! There’s more…

Tricky BusinessmanDear Marcie

Hope you are fine today? Thanks for your mail and your willingness to assist me in this transaction. I assure you that all will be well at the end of the day and this transaction will benefit us immensely. All I need from you is your willingness and disposition to follow my instructions and directives while I guide you.You must also understand that this project will require a little of your time and commitment for it to be actualized.

Why i said this is because during the course of the transaction it may be required of you to travel to Malaysia which are the likely point where this transfer can be effected. So in essence it may require your physical presence. This will be the best way to realise this project faster and smoothly. The maximum you will be expected to stay in this trip is 2 working days and everything will be concluded and the money wired into your account. So before I proceed with the details of the procedure,I will like you to give me an answer to this very basic issue I raised. Can you be able to travel for this project to this destination I told you about?Reply urgently so that I can give you further details on how we will proceed.

I look forward to working with you on this project.

Packing my bags.


Real Estate Temptations

SharkIt’s not every day that we get such a promising lead:


My name is Alice

A banker by profession .

I want to purchase a house and it should be 3 or 4 bedroom with a swimming pool or mini garden for recreation and my budget for this property is $2 Million Dollar .

However I have a payment/business plan with which I intend to secure and pay for the property.

This plan will benefit the both of us.

On the course July last year 2013 , I discovered that my branch in which am Cash officer made over Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand United State Dollars Read more

Streetcars Are Coming to DC!

streetcar tracks

streetcar tracksAnd they’re expected to bring $8-BILLION worth of development along with them. Not too shabby! Streetcars used to grace the streets of DC but they disappeared in 1962 in favor of buses.

The District is investing heavily on its new streetcar line in the hope of generating development and tax revenue. The Portland streetcar system is often cited, where ridership has increased over its 12-year history, and where development has boomed.

Eventually there will be 37-miles of track along eight different lines, serving all eight wards. The first line to open will operate along the H Street/Benning corridor and is expected to begin service sometime in 2014.

The streetcars will run almost exclusively within DC boundaries.  In theory, they are to offer transport in areas that aren’t necessarily covered by metro, including the underserved K-Street corridor running to Georgetown. To learn more check out


The Evers & Co. October 2013 Real Estate Report

bigstock-Warm-afternoon-light-at-the-fa-19280741The market this fall continues to be strong, and at the end of 10 months, the dollar volume of sales was as high as it was for all of 2012. With that said, sales volume is still only at 60% of what it was the peak of the market in 2005. Despite predictions to the contrary, the recent government furlough didn’t have a significant effect on the area marketplace, probably because it didn’t last very long.

The good news for sellers is that the continuing shortage has pushed prices up and they are now within 96% of what they were at the peak of the market. The combination of buyer enthusiasm and shortage of product may encourage more sellers to enter the market and eventually help to end the shortage of product which has been a dominant feature in the market for the past three years. However, the present balance of more buyers than sellers in the close-in Metro area marketplace will certainly continue through the winter and into the spring.

*Statistics are taken from the Metropolitan Regional Information System for three areas: Washington, D.C.; Montgomery County, Maryland; and Fairfax County, Arlington and Alexandria in Northern Virginia.

Got Electricity?

Some people choose a place to live because of the schools.  Others fall in love with a particular style of architecture… or they want to live near a Starbucks, or a dog park.  These days, more and more people want to live and work near car charging stations.  Yup.  You heard that right.

My brother-in-law had his hybrid converted into an electric car (don’t ask me how… I’m fuzzy on the details).  He gets over 100 miles to the gallon.  With gas prices topping $4, he’s looking like a genius.

They are installing a couple of charging stations close to where I live in Bethesda.  It got me curious about other charging stations.  Here’s a list of some local spots.  You can also check out other locations at

Chevy Chase Nissan
7701 Wisconsin Ave
Bethesda, MD 20814

7101 Clarendon Rd – Bethesda, MD
Chargepoint L2 Status: 1 of 1 avail
7101 Clarendon Rd
Bethesda,Maryland 20815 Read more

A Bit More Of A Rush

Lately, we’ve been hearing (and complaining) a lot about fare increases in the DC Metro and bus system.

Many commuters are rethinking their options. The cost of gas and of parking at or near a downtown office building is often weighed against the inconvenience and cost of public transportation and commuter lots. We’re glad the balance hasn’t tipped back in favor of the car yet. At least that’s what it seems like–even most of our suburban buyers now prefer locations near a Metro station or major bus lines.

That said, there’s some good news out from WMATA this week: a new schedule called “Rush+” that brings some smart improvements for rush hour traffic in both the density and routing of Metro trains. Check it out in the little video below! And if you are looking for a house or condo near Metro, click here.