Curbside Recycling

I’m crazy about curbside recycling in Bethesda and around town (DC, too!).  We bring so much to the curb each Wednesday morning, that I often wonder what we did before recycling became so… regular.  I have visions of garbage bags in the double digits.

Some of this enthusiasm might be fueled by a recent purging of the Sandalow household.  We are on a mission!  And for several weeks now, the paper bin has been filled to the brim (and I’m not talking small bin… this one is huge… 32-gallons huge!). The recycling folks take all sorts of stuff, including:

  • mixed paper
  • newspaper
  • glass bottles and jars
  • cardboard
  • milk cartons (plastic and paper)
  • plastic bottles
  • newspaper sleeves
  • tin foil and aluminum products
  • steel and tin cans
  • phone books! and more

To get one of the nifty blue (or green) tubs you need to contact your local recycling center.
Montgomery County MD Recycling
Washington, DC Recycling