Elly May Clampett & Swimming Holes

When I was a kid “The Beverly Hillbillies” was a really big deal.  It was on the air for seven years and led the ratings for two of them. By the time I got around to seeing it, it was on the afternoon rotation (hardly prime time). It was a pretty goofy show, with plenty of canned laughter.

One of the characters, Elly May Clampett, the curvaceous daughter of Jed Clampett, was as famous for her pitching arm as she was for her love of water. She was a big fan of the swimming hole, the ce-ment pond, and the rather dishy pool in the back of their grand Beverly Hills mansion. Let’s just say that she was a water enthusiast.

And so, without further ado, here’s your link to swimming holes across the United States. It’s a great site full of interesting information about, well, swimming holes, hot springs and spots close to major highways (for a road trip dip!).  Natural lakes or quarries are to be found all around the US.  I’ve been to Beaver Dam near Baltimore.  It’s the first time I’ve ever seen people on a spinning log (they weren’t too good, either).  It had a great rope swing that scared the hell out of me when my own kids were on it. I’ve heard that it has closed down, or severely curtailed it’s offerings. Let’s hope the same can’t be said of your local spot.

Summer is upon us.  Make Elly May proud and take a dip!