Waiting for a house? Take a Walk in the Woods

While you might still be waiting for the legendary spring market to present you with an abundance of new choices for a home to purchase, you can at least enjoy the amazing weather we’ve had.

Spring is exploding all around us.  We’re about a month ahead of schedule in comparison to recent years.  The cherry blossoms have come and gone.  Azaleas are just getting started, as are the dogwoods.  Daffodils are looking spent, and tulips are starting to wane.

I took my trusty hound, Willie, out for a spin today in Rock Creek Park.  He likes to drink from the creek, which is convenient, but slightly alarming.  Nothing bad has come from it, to date.  We run into a lot of other dogs on our walks.  My favorite is an overweight boxer… he’s a huge, happy fellow.  I’ll try to get a picture of him next time.

If you’re looking for a good place to run your mutt, this is it.   Rock Creek Park is rather large, after all.